1. I would give anything to be a child again
    Completely unaware that one morning I won’t wake up
    And completely unaware that one night I will hope to not wake up
    Completely unaware of the pain, so trying, that will come to engulf me for no reason at all and completely unaware that one day I will feel a certain way about myself and completely unaware of the war being fought inside my brain that is depression and completely unaware of the flaming anger that will surely incinerate me and completely unaware of the drug dependency that I will come to develop
    What the fuck is wrong with me and how can I make it stop


  2. Sometimes a bunch of shit goes down in the morning and all I can do is curl into a ball and cry and I can’t even move but I have to be at work so I can pay for college and I don’t even know if I’m cut out for this shit
    I can’t even move


  3. "One blue star
    Sits on the hill
    Call it back
    You never will”


  4. August 19th, 2014

    I can’t stop falling
    I’ve lost my footing for good
    I’m slipping again
    I really wish you understood
    Even more I wish you could
    See that I need you as a guide
    I am oozing these emotions
    I have nowhere to hide
    And even though I matter little
    I’m feeling trapped inside this shit hole
    Floating to the ground
    Just hoping to be found


  5. Tonight is the last night I get to spend in my home ever

  6. hideyerfeathers:

    You Kiss Your Mother with that Mouth?
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  7. hideyerfeathers:

    A little idea I got while munchin on raisins stoned as heck hehe.. $5 poster prints available on my etsy! Much love:)

  8. thirdorgan:

    Giovanni Battista Bracelli (Italia, Genoa, 1584-1609)

    Bizzarie di Varie Figure

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  9. all-reptiles:

    Blue Green Tree Python Morph

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  10. malformalady:

    Mosquitoes feeding on a willing Victim. Sliding his arm into a specially designed net box, an ICIPE lab assistant allows a colony of hungry (but non-malarial) female Anopheles gambiae to feed on his blood. These feeding sessions are the only way to keep lab-bred mosquitoes plump and fertile, ensuring scientists a constant supply of experimental subjects.

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  11. Doesn’t matter how frequent
    I just never can get used to being treated like crap!

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    listening to music alone in your room like

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  13. malformalady:

    Swarm of mayflies blankets a gas station near La Crosse, WI

  14. malformalady:

    Carved raccoon skull by artist Jason Borders. Jason Borders is a working artist currently living in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design in 2009.

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    I love paintings where the paint is used as more than just color. The texture on this is delicious.

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