1. red-lipstick:

    Frida Kahlo (1907-1954, Coyoacán, Mexico) - What The Water Gave Me, 1938     Paintings: Oil on Canvas

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  3. My mom just bitched me out because I have a load of laundry in the washing machine

    She says, “Stop hogging the washing machine! You can’t have it all to yourself all the time!”

    Bitch I do laundry once a week. Smh.


  4. Started a new painting a few days ago and I’m really struggling with it

    Where’s mr king when you need him

  5. malformalady:

    Re-purposed Crystal Head Vodka bottle


  6. iguanabones:

    first date ideas: show your date to everybody in town… wearing a salmon suit


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  8. "Scar tissue has no character. It’s not like skin. It doesn’t show age or illness or pallor or tan. It has no pores, no hair, no wrinkles. It’s like a slip cover. It shields and disguises what’s beneath. That’s why we grow it; we have something to hide."
    — girl interrupted, 1999 (via psych-facts)

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  10. cdnmooselr:


    The worst. [deathbulge]

    I always take this VERY personally.

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  11. stunningpicture:

    It’s all a matter of perspective

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  13. malformalady:

    Festooning is a behavior where bees hold onto each other to create a scaffold while they build honeycombs.

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    Henkel’s Leaf-tailed Gecko(Uroplatus henkeli), is a gecko that is found on the island Nosy Bé near Madagascar, as well as on the mainland Madagascar itself, in the region of Ankaranafantsika. This gecko is most remarkable for its incredible ability to conceal itself in its forest habitat. Not only does its grey or brown coloration act as superb camouflage against bark, but a fringe of skin edging the head and body enables it to blend into tree trunks by breaking up the outline of the body and preventing any shadows from forming.

    Photo credit:  Exo Terra