1. "One blue star
    Sits on the hill
    Call it back
    You never will”


  2. August 19th, 2014

    I can’t stop falling
    I’ve lost my footing for good
    I’m slipping again
    I really wish you understood
    Even more I wish you could
    See that I need you as a guide
    I am oozing these emotions
    I have nowhere to hide
    And even though I matter little
    I’m feeling trapped inside this shit hole
    Floating to the ground
    Just hoping to be found


  3. Tonight is the last night I get to spend in my home ever

  4. hideyerfeathers:

    You Kiss Your Mother with that Mouth?
    - etsy.com/shop/GroovyLooney :)

  5. hideyerfeathers:

    A little idea I got while munchin on raisins stoned as heck hehe.. $5 poster prints available on my etsy! Much love:)

  6. thirdorgan:

    Giovanni Battista Bracelli (Italia, Genoa, 1584-1609)

    Bizzarie di Varie Figure

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  7. all-reptiles:

    Blue Green Tree Python Morph

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  8. malformalady:

    Mosquitoes feeding on a willing Victim. Sliding his arm into a specially designed net box, an ICIPE lab assistant allows a colony of hungry (but non-malarial) female Anopheles gambiae to feed on his blood. These feeding sessions are the only way to keep lab-bred mosquitoes plump and fertile, ensuring scientists a constant supply of experimental subjects.

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  9. Doesn’t matter how frequent
    I just never can get used to being treated like crap!

  10. nerdjpg:

    listening to music alone in your room like

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  11. malformalady:

    Swarm of mayflies blankets a gas station near La Crosse, WI

  12. malformalady:

    Carved raccoon skull by artist Jason Borders. Jason Borders is a working artist currently living in Portland, Oregon. He graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design in 2009.

  13. sweetestesthome:

    I love paintings where the paint is used as more than just color. The texture on this is delicious.

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